technical instructors 


Consulting – Management – Recruiting – Instructions – Training - Classroom - In Shop 

Powder Coating – Fluidized Dip – Decoral – Cerakote – Hydrographics – E-Coating 


Tek Solutions Group. 

Powder coating applications.

Classroom instruction – Hands-on instruction and training.

Assistance in promoting employees within and recruiting new employees.

Assistance in our clients “your company” qualifying for tax credits that have a possibility to reimburse your company up to 75% of employee’s payroll up to one fiscal year.

Proper usage & reasoning of PPE/PPR safety equipment, clothing, and gear.

Equipment, Processes and materials identification knowledge.

ERP “enterprise resource planning” implementation, management and usage.

Production scheduling – WIP “work in process” management.

Work order – Shop traveler implementation, management, and usage.

Preparations and pretreatment of product to be powder coated.

Inventory control, management & usage.

Chemical mixing and titration techniques.

Masking – plugs of product to be finished.

Basic blueprint interpretation education.

Proper racking & racking of product to be finished assuring the maximum production requirements.

Usage of a wide range of powder coating application guns. This includes manual and automated systems.

Proper adjustments of application guns and equipment.

Grounding methods.

Change over process includes manual and automated systems.

Equipment management & maintenance.

Quality assurance & control process “start to finish

Usage of quality assurance & control equipment and software.

Packaging & palletizing processes.

Professional quoting techniques.

Housekeeping and Maintenance scheduling and processes. We have been trained in the Sigma 6 lean manufacturing processes and we implement Type your paragraph here.

Our hands-on "onsite" instructional training includes but is not limited to the following.